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Daycare is a great way to treat your pooch to some time out of the house where they can play, make friends, build confidence, learn social skills and burn off excess energy. Play sessions are always supervised and include lots of people interaction, lap time, and nap times.

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Every canine guest receives their own 25-square-foot private suite, allowing plenty of room for their own bedding and/or crate, and favorite chew toys. Room service is included for both breakfast and dinner (added supplements and medications included at no extra charge).  After a full and long day of play, your dog will be quite happy to crawl back into their cozy, warm bed for the evening. Turn down service includes a treat waiting on their pillow, the lights down low, and soft music to lull them to sleep.


Collar & Leash

All collars are removed once inside the play area for safety reasons. Quick release collars are preferred (vs. buckle, choke chains, or pinch collars).


Be sure to bring more than enough food for the entire stay. Some dogs require a little more food than usual, because of all the extra activity. Please take into consideration the length of the stay and how active your particular dog is. Raw food diets are perfectly fine. Our hotel is completely furnished with a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. Dogs are fed twice daily, morning and evening.

*Bowls are provided. Please do not bring your own bowl.*


Treats are provided, but if your dog has allergies or you prefer to provide their own variety, please feel free to bring them.


Bedding may include a bed, blanket, crate or anything your dog is used to sleeping on that makes them feel comfortable and at home.

Toys & Chews

Only bring toys and chews that are safe for your dog to enjoy unsupervised. Nylabones & Kongs are an excellent choice.

*Absolutely NO rawhides, real meat bones, tennis balls or greenies are allowed.*

Supplements & Medications

Please make sure to mark all items clearly with the dog’s name, feeding instructions, the exact dates, doses, and the frequency with which all medications are to be administered (daily, AM/PM, weekly, etc.).

Please provide a description for what each medication and/or supplement is for, especially if they are not in their original labeled containers. Also indicate if your dog’s supplements and/or medications should be added directly to their food with a delivery agent (such as cheese or peanut butter). Pill pockets are highly recommended.

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